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ChikChat® TV

Our video, blog, and podcast that inspires inner and outer beauty, emphasizing health and wellness in all areas of a teen girl's life. Click the button below to read, watch and listen.

Live events

ChikChat® presents live events Hosted by
Recording Artist, Author, and TV Host, Alexa James. Most events include a Pound® workout.


The latest issue of the ChikChat® Magalog is LIVE! This issue's theme is "Stress-Less." We all face stress in so many areas of our lives, and stressful situations will continue to arise throughout our lives. Learning how to cope with stress NOW as a teen will not only help keep you healthy in mind, body, and soul but will also help you navigate tough situations and make wise decisions NOW that will inevitably greatly impact your future. We discuss stress in various areas of life, from your room to your skincare routine, relationships, and school. Don't miss this issue.

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