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Greens = Currency

Hey Girls!

Wanna know how you can boost your beauty, health, and emotions? 

While we're on the subject of healthy eating on the go- and especially in reference to our previous two videos about salads- we want to provide some practical 411.

This episode piggy backs on our previous podcast episode and we feel that between these two episodes, you’ll have the foundation you need for lifelong health- if you implement them, of course! 

In our previous podcast, I gave you heads up that we would be talking about green stuff. Wanna guess? And no, we’re not talking about money today.  However, we do you plan on having a nice lineup of episodes about money- so make sure you subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss out! 

In this episode, we talk about being rich with your health. The best currency you can feed your body to make it as healthy and beautiful as possible and to eat as many greens as possible. 

So what do I mean by greens? I’m talkin' romaine and bitter lettuces, kale, watercress, escarole, endive, broccoli, greens like: collard, mustard carrot and turnip, spinach, arugula, cabbage, green onions and garlic, bok choy, sprouts, baby greens and micro greens, Napa cabbage and Chinese cabbage, Swiss chard, asparagus, celery, chives, artichokes, okra, leeks, fennel, zucchini, cucumber and green bell peppers when their peeled and seeded, and herbs like basil, mint, cilantro and parsley.

And  don’t forget that lovely fruit, avocado.

The Most beneficial greens are the leafy -ones and the darker the better. And you can eat them raw, cooked, juiced, powdered, and in your favorite smoothie or homemade açaí bowl. There are even brands out there that are adding veggies to their ice cream and mac & cheese. The beauty, health and emotional benefits you get from greens should encourage and challenge you to get creative with those greens and get them into your diet as much as possible.

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