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ChikChat®: How To Cook Grains

ChikChat® How To Cook Grains:

We are in a series of healthy eating on the go. Our next video includes a grain dish, so we wanted to provide you a reference for some tips on cooking grains. Bottom line is that the package should include cooking directions, so you simply read and follow them. Non-gluten/wheat grains cooked in a pressure cooker provide the most nutritional benefit. But if you don't have an @instantpot, we provide some basic guidelines that might not be provided in the package directions. If you are cooking grains in a pressure cooker, you still want to salt and season your water. You can also cook grains in a vegetable broth (or a meat or bone broth) instead of water to add even more flavor to your grain.

Check out our next video to see what we do with them!


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